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Uniform package setting behavior?


When we click Sublime text setting from the menu, it will open a new window with two columns: default setting and user setting. However, when we open the setting for some packages, it only opens a new tab which attaches to the current window. Or, it opens a new window with a single user setting tab. Is it possible for sublime text to force every package to use the same setting behavior? Though we can change it manually, a uniform setting behavior would be nice. ie. the default sublime text setting behavior is ideal.



It’s up to the developer of the specific package to provide their own integrations with Sublime, which includes things like menu entries that open settings. Older packages from when it was customary to have multiple menu items for things like Default and User settings would need to be updated by their authors to the new scheme.

That said, it’s possible for third party packages to make this a little nicer; an example of that is Side-by-Side Settings, though I’ve never used it personally.