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Unified Bar, Tabs in the Title Bar, like Browser Tabs


I would like it if the tabs of Sublime Text were directly in the title bar, the way they are in most browsers. I played a bit with Gimp to illustrate what I mean.

On the left: What it looks like now. On the right: What I would like it to look like.
To be clear, this is a mockup, it’s fake.

I know that this was not possible in Sublime Text 3 as the operating system was responsible for the title bar. Now Sublime Text 4 has a custom title bar (which is great! finally full dark mode!) so it would actually be possible to do this. As mentioned, most browsers have this design.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me the team is already working on it. Anyway, please do.
Also, is it possible to achieve this with a plugin?