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Unfolding code without unfolding all child blocks?


Is/would it be possible to unfold blocks of code without unfolding all child blocks please?

For example, could this be done if you held down the option key (Mac) when clicking the arrow bracket on a particular line of folded code, to unfold only that level, leaving the remaining child blocks folded?

Also, if I fold blocks of code at say level 5, and then fold more code higher up at level 2 within the same block, when I unfold level 2 I’d like the previously folded level 5 blocks to stay folded.

At the moment I find ST’s method of folding and unfolding ALL code at particular levels somewhat limiting when I only want to work with certain blocks of code, expanding only the child blocks I want rather than all child blocks.




Just replying to hopefully keep this request active. Thanks.