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Undocumented APIs and typos?


Official API doc:

For example, view.show_popup(message) is undocumented. Is there more?

Also, I find two typos.

  • post_text_command(view, command_name, args) should be on_post_text_command(view, command_name, args)
  • post_window_command(window, command_name, args) should be on_post_window_command(window, command_name, args)

UPDATE: OK. just find them in and


  • sublime.set_async_timeout is really set_timeout_async
  • view.match_selector isn’t mentioned

you are much better off using the community maintained docs here

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Not exactly much better off, since they really only add two more methods to the documentation set.

We keep a list of undocumented functions, methods, callbacks and their behavior and intend to mirror the official API docs while continuously adding more information. Ideally we’d have a page with a breif overview similar to the official one and potentially several pages with more details on how things work under the hood and more details and descriptive examples for the individual methods.

Yeah … there’s a lot to do.

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Sublime has so many ways to be customized and extended, unfortunately a lot of that info is hidden away and spread across the net.

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Why is the official API docs not maintained, how hard could that be ?!
so many useful functions are not documented (even in the unofficial docs) such as the (e.g View.retarget())