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Undo tab close / recently closed tabs


It might be nice if there were a “undo tab close” command, or a list of recently closed tabs that you could click on to restore the tab. Basically duplicate the same functionality as Firefox browser tabs (including ctrl-shift-t hotkey).

The use case is slightly different than the “open recent” menu (as you might have accidentally closed a file that you’ve been keeping open for reference, but haven’t save in a while so it wouldn’t be in the recent file menu. I just did this, and almost pressed ctrl-shift-t out of habit to try and get it back (my web browser has conditioned me to this).

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Hey, there already are a couple of user made plugins here:, one with a list of recently opened files.



yeah useful! +1. chrome also works this way



While admittedly this does replicate the ‘open recent’ menu item, I’ve never had an issue with it doing something unexpected - the command is built-in and this is what I use (I got it form another post on the forum somewhere - not my own work):

{ "keys": "ctrl+shift+t"], "command": "open_recent_file", "args": {"index" : 0} }

Now this has the major drawback of only being able to open the last one, and that’s it - it’ll just focus it from then on until you close a new tab. No nice history like FF and Chrome, but still useful and saves having a plugin.



hey guys i was in need of same extension so i created one .You can download it from



Especially would be great if “Close All” could be undone.