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Undo even when there is nothing to undo


As soon as I open a file I can click “undo”. I don’t like this, it makes me think there is something to undo when there isn’t.

Also if edit a file and then decide to undo the changes I can keep hitting cmd + z forever – again this makes me nervous that there are more edits to undo, when there aren’t.

Other software doesn’t behave like this.



Looks like we’ve got a bug where the menu item isn’t being disabled. I’m not sure what you’re expecting to happen when you press cmd+z and there’s nothing to undo, we behave the same way as other applications and simply ignore the input.



In every other application I use if there is nothing to Undo, the Undo menu option is not selectable (it is greyed out). For example Microsoft Word even says Can’t Undo.

This seems good UX. It shows that there is nothing to Undo.

Sublime doesn’t use this convention and I keep thinking there is more to Undo.



As I said, looks like we’ve got a bug where the menu item isn’t being disabled.

I’m still not sure what you mean with cmd+z though.



Yes the menu item isn’t being disabled (as it is in other apps, see screen grab).

When there is nothing to undo and you press the shortcut keys cmd+z don’t some apps give a warning noise, to communicate there is nothing to undo?




I’ve never heard of an app playing a noise when there’s nothing to undo, could you provide some examples for common osx apps that do this?