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Unable to update Sublime Text 3.2 Build 3200



I’ve been using Sublime Text for over a year and never experienced this problem before. Everytime I open Sublime Text I receive the message that there is a new version of Sublime Text ready to install. Once I press the install button I receive the message “Unable to launch update installer”. I tried everything I could find on the internet: restart my computer, download the newest Sublime Text version, remove the installer, run it as administrator but nothing solved the issue. I dont want to re-install it as a brand new install, unless there’s no other way ofcourse. I’m using Sublime Text 3.2 Build 3200 on Windows 8.1 x64 which is ofcourse licensed by me.

Image of the error:

Thank you for the help.



Navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3’ and run ‘update_installer.exe’ as administrator. Worked for me.

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Didnt work either. I checked my computer and noticed I have two Sublime Text installations… I removed both of them and started with a fresh installation which solved the issue (… for now). Thanks for the help though.

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For the windows portable version:

Navigate to the install directory.
In the properties of both the sublime_text.exe, and the update_installer.exe files:
in the general tab check ‘unblock’, if it shows ‘this file came from another computer and might be blocked …’,
and in the compatibility tab, check ‘run as administrator’

This worked for my case, and hopefully it will prevent having to repeat the process on future updates.



I too had to check some administrator rights. But I just executed sublime_text.exe as admin and then the update worked.
This thread helped though.



Through guesswork, I did this and it worked for me