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Unable to parse binding {command: toggle_menu, keys: [alt]}


Since I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and later the alt key to toggle the menu does no longer work. I think this is already integrated in sublime core and does not need a keybinding.

When I try to do that it gives me this error in the console:

Unable to parse binding {command: toggle_menu, keys: [alt]}

for the binding:

{ "keys": ["alt"], "command": "toggle_menu" },

instead, the following work:

{ "keys": ["alt+1"], "command": "toggle_menu" },

To confirm ALT does not toggle the menu I deleted .config/sublime-text-3

Does SublimeText have a build in key binding (Alt) for toggle_menu?
I think there is some problem with Sublime and Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Environment.


I confirmed Alt works to toggle menu on Windows 10. On Linux, hide menu does not make a difference.



There’s not a binding in Sublime for toggling the menu on Alt, that’s just something that Windows will do on its own for applications whose menu bar is currently hidden. That’s why this works on Windows but not on Linux, for example.

The reason your binding above doesn’t work is that Sublime doesn’t currently allow you to create a binding on just a modifier key (ctrl, alt, shift, etc); a second key to be modified is also needed. It’s been mentioned that the ability to create a binding like this will be in the next version of Sublime, but it’s not known when that will be released.



Note, using alt to show/hide the menu has also been implemented for the next version of Sublime Text.