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"Unable to launch Sublime Text" when starting subl on macOS


The subl command used to work fine for me but since a recent update (I’ve updated both macOS and Sublime Text) it’s broken. I have Sublime Text started, but when I type "/Applications/Sublime" in the terminal it just says:

Unable to launch Sublime Text

It seems the command line tool cannot detect any more that Sublime Text is started? Any idea how to fix this?

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Same issue here.



In my case it was due to starting subl from within tmux. Not sure what has changed or what was updated but it looks like it no longer work outside the box. So I had to add this line to my .tmux.conf:

set-option -g default-command "reattach-to-user-namespace -l bash"

And after that it started working again.



Thank you! I appreciate the work-around. In the mean time, I reverted Sublime Text to build 3200 (v3.2) to get the subl command working again and can live with not updating Sublime Text until this issue is fixed. However, I do want to put out there that from my perspective this is a bug: configuring tmux in a special way should not be required for the subl command to work.



I’ve updated quite a few things recently (tmux, macOS and Sublime) so not sure what was the culprit in my case, but if it’s Sublime that’s broken it should indeed be fixed.



The fact that reverting Sublime back to 3.2 fixes the issue seems to indicate that this is a Sublime bug. I also haven’t upgraded tmux or macOS since before this broke—the only thing I upgraded was Sublime.



Please file a bug report for this: