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Unable to authenticate to github via ssh


I’m able to authenticate to github with ssh in the command line. Tested with ssh -T and successfully authenticated.

I have mfa enabled but this shouldn’t be a problem with ssh.

Followed this stack overflow thread and still not resolved.

I’ve checked the passphrase and it is correct. What am I missing?

Installed via brew and on build 2049

macOs Catalina
Version 10.15.7

error: unable to read askpass response from '/Applications/Sublime'



Hi @r7l208,

It looks like Sublime Merge is failing to find the askpass application that ships with Sublime Merge.
That being said, brew is not one of the official installation methods for macOS, so this may well be the cause of the issue you’re experiencing.

I would suggest uninstalling the brew installation of Sublime Merge, then installing Sublime Merge via the download page to see if this resolves the issue.

- Dylan