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Tutorials and Examples for Plugin Development



I am looking for tutorials on plugin development – starting with the very basics…i.e., from how to set up the prerequisites, and using the common APIs.

I’m interested in building something very simple – running a command when a file of a specific type is opened (or created).

Any pointers to sample code and/or tutorial documentation would be appreciated.

Thank you.



Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a good tutorial article online

but did you know that most plugins are opensource?

Here are documentations (not really tutorials)

The official doc is hard to use so I suggest you drop by Discord and ask

Now as for the plugin, think of something simple for now. How about a plugin that prints “:tada:” in the console whenever your cursor touches “E” or “e”. Then in the API reference, look at the ViewListener and read about it. That’ll get you started.

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Thank you.