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Trying to change font but not able to change even in the latest build


I am trying to change default font in sublime text3 , but i am unable to change font.
I am following these steps :

  1. Preferences -> Settings -> User Settings

here are my prefernces.sublime-setting file :-
“color_scheme”: “Packages/Colorsublime - Themes/cache/Colorsublime-Themes-master/themes/Tomorrow_Night.tmTheme”,
“font_face”:“MesloLGS NF”,
“theme”: “Default.sublime-theme”,
/“font_size”: 12,/
“font_size”: 14,

this is the console output:

Font is already installed, this issue is not only with this specific font but this is the issue with many other fonts!!!



What operating system are you using? The mapping between the name of a font in the system font chooser and how you enter it into Sublime is different across all of the operating systems that Sublime supports.

For example, if there are multiple variations on a font, like Bold, SemiBold etc, it’s often necessary to include add Regular to the name of the font.



I am using windows 10, and yes still it is not finding font even after mentioning of the varition Regular its still not working.



Installing that font and adding this to my preferences works for me here:

  "font_face": "MesloLGS NF Regular",
  "font_size": 11,

Apart from the font not being installed already (which you have already confirmed) I’m not sure what else might be going wrong here.



Same here.

@saitama be sure to double-click the font and write the name as it appears in Windows font manager.



From where u have downloaded the font i have downloaded form
or else you may provide your link from where you have downloaded



Thanks its done!! thanks @OdatNurd @bitsper2nd

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No problem. For more Sublime Text tips, I suggest to checkout @OdatNurd youtube channel.