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Trouble with forum account creation


Not sure whether this should be tech support or general discussion, but I wanted to report that I just attempted to create an account here using two different versions of Chrome on Linux (both their current Stable and Unstable), and each of my 5-6 attempts failed with a near-instant “We were unable to detect whether your account was created…” message.

I don’t have any unusual cookie blocking enabled and I’m a member of probably a dozen other Discourse forum sites, never had an issue like this before. (I ended up switching to my Android phone, which is how I’m here now. So, ultimately I got in — problem solved, from my perspective. But I thought I should probably let someone know.)

Also, mostly unrelated but in the same vein, your TOS page currently contains a bunch of language like this…

The Website is owned and operated by company_full_name (“company_short_name”).

Which I’m guessing probably invalidates it, from a legal perspective. (But, IANAL.) :wink: Just FYI.