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Tried to Upgrade to V4 Old License No Longer Valid


I kept getting an upgrade notice. So, I finally thought, “Okay, let’s upgrade.” I did and guess what? My license is no longer valid for version 4 and now it wants me to pay $80 for a new license.

So, guess what happened? I uninstalled Sublime completely.

I like your software, but will not pay for another license just to use V4.

You do know there are very good code editors out there for free. I just installed one. Guess which one it was?

Sorry, but you lost me.

Steve I



:metal: VS Code if I have to choose another editor :metal:



My case was the opposite. I uninstalled VSC and bought a new ST license.



Could have been Atom or lite-xl. Maybe one of the newer Vims or an EMACs?

I quite like “micro” if all I have is a terminal.

But I’ve found nothing as well rounded as ST if I want to actually get things done. It’s an inconsequential price for it’s value to my workflow.

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This conversation doesn’t need to happen again, it has happened many, many times in the last months.

Is Sublime Text commercial software? yes
Are there free alternatives? Yes
Is it required to show up here to tell us that you’re no longer using tool A because of reason B, and you are now using tool C? No


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