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Trackpad issues with macOS 12.1 update


Anyone having issues with the scroll position when updating to 12.1? This update was supposed to fix a trackpad problem with clicks. Now the clicks seem to work fine, but ST4 sometimes makes an annoying scroll of the text window, like for a few lines, when interacting with the trackpad (touching with two fingers usually). I wonder if this is an ST4 issue only (and SM too, by the way) or a general OS one.



Forgot to mention, on a new 16" M1 Pro MacBook Pro.



I have seen this as well but not just in ST4, but also other apps like Safari and Mail.



This is either a bug, or an api change, in 12.1. It is extreeeemely annoying. It is affecting other apps too, notably jetbrains IDEs

I can’t reproduce it in Apple’s apps (although I don’t use them much) which suggests to me that Apple are using the api in a different way and unintentionally broke it for others.

I would love it if the Sublime devs could try to reproduce the issue in debug builds and look at the trackpad event trace and see if they can see what is going on.

I don’t have any faith Apple will fix it any time soon, if ever.