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Tracked/staged files shown as untracked when referenced via symlink on Windows


I have repository which has folder which has symlink mkdir test-folder && cd test-folder && mklink /D test-link ..\some-other-repo-dir

Files under this test-folder will be marked as untracked incorrectly, as pointed files are actually tracked already or even staged.



We don’t currently handle symlinks on windows correctly. This has been fixed for future versions already, but in the meantime sadly the only solution is to use git without symlinks (core.symlinks = false).

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Ah, so still kinda beta, sadly I feel like it. It’s fast and fine but not useful enough to buy.



The whole symlink support of Git for Windows is still in experimental state.

But yes, there are many features which git power users might miss. But anyway I personally like the way things are handled by SM.