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Toggle comment color


Since I write a lot of comments in my code I would like to toggle color of them. They can be default color(grayish) while I’m looking at the code, but when reading and writing them I would like to have a toggle button that will change color of them. I have added this code to color scheme:

  "name": "text",
  "scope": "text",
	"foreground": "#E7E7E7",
	"caret": "#E7E7E7",
//   {
//    "name": "Comment",
//     "scope": "comment",
//     "foreground": "#E7E7E7"
// },

Is there any way to add a key binding that will toggle commenting bottom code.

Any solution that allows me to toggle color of the comment is fine, key binding plug-in, etc.



I found solution using this post: