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Sublime Text 2 Todo Manager

Sublime Text 2 forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4491
Release: 1.1.4
Author: Tane Piper

Is available via the package manager for install.

Commands available through the command palate are:

  • Todo: Add/Add at Line/Add at Function
  • Todo: List All/Active/Done
  • Todo: Open file
  • Todo: Purge

All have keybindings for Windows, Mac and Linux (untested).

Adding a todo

Adding a todo is done in one simple way, but provides two convenience functions to speed up input.
The first way is to just add a todo (Ctrl+Alt+t, Ctrl+Alt+a) - this takes you through the following steps

  1. Select a piority from A-D, or none
  2. Enter the task text
  3. Enter the line number `~’ of the todo
  4. Enter the function name ‘&’ of the todo
  5. Enter any projects entries + as space seperated entries
  6. Enter any contexts entries @ as space seperated entries

The line will then be appended to the bottom of the list. The two additional functions are Add-at-line (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+s) and Add-at-function (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+f) which autofill the lines or function box depending on which is selected. The function name is always the block of code you are in.

Viewing and filtering todos

Viewing todos is done throw the List All (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+j), Active (Ctrl+Alt+T,Ctrl+Alt+l) and Done (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+k) commands.

When you view a list, you can navigate up and down the items. Pressing enter on any item will present the item
menu, with the following options

  • Toggle done status - Change the todo display from active to done, or vice-versa
  • Edit - Edit the todo in raw mode, a text box with the full todo item
  • Move - Move the item up or down the list, you will be presented with Up or Down options
  • Delete - Delete the item from the list, you will be asked to confirm this

To filter items, when you have a list open the command palate allows further keypresses. For example if you have the line:

  • (A) Finish off refactoring ~45 +MyProject @refactor @release

If you wanted to find this item by it’s line number you would type ~45 and the list will be filtered to display only
this item, or all items with a ~45 next to them.

Purge done items and opening files

Purging done items (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+p) removes all done items from the todo file. You will be asked before you want to do this.

Opening the file (Ctrl+Alt+t,Ctrl+Alt+o) opens the file as a plain text file to be edited in Sublime Text 2

File location

In the settings file, you can change the todo_home option, currently set to none. This is the location you
wish to save the files - it might be somewhere like a dropbox folder.

The default folder is $HOME/.todomanager

Files are kept in the name format ‘todo-.txt’ base on the current active file - this means you have a todo per file. If you want the contents of the todo file, it’s best to just open it via the command.

Future features

  • UI for changing priority
  • Search over todo file contents
  • List all todo files
  • Provide way to mark source with todo information


New release of todo manager today - completely re-written from the ground up to be a little more MVC and available via package manager. Updated readme in OP



Another release, this time with the ability to move todo items up and down in a file - and the readme is updated to be a bit more informative



There might be a small issue:

Reloading plugin C:\Users\Ionut\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\Todo Manager\
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\", line 59, in reload_plugin
  File ".\", line 3, in <module>
    class TodoFile(object):
  File ".\", line 57, in TodoFile
    def __init__(self, parent_file_path, settings, show_state=TodoFile.SHOW_STATE_ALL):
NameError: name 'TodoFile' is not defined

Obviously enough, the plugin doesn’t work :smiley:



Hopefully should be fixed now - weird it was working fine on my laptop, but not on my mac - small fix in place for now.



weird it was working fine on my laptop, but not on my mac

def init(self, parent_file_path, settings, show_state=TodoFile.SHOW_STATE_ALL):

Defaults are evaluated at compile time. Due to the way reload() works in Python (the basis for hot reloading plugins in Sublime) TodoFile would have been available while developing for yourself (assumedly on your laptop) For others though, it would have thrown that NameError.

You can actually do things like:

reloads += 1
except NameError:
reloads = 0

if reloads: print ‘Reloads: %s’ % reloads[/code]

What that tells you is all the previous globals() are still available.



Ahh, when you don’t do Python in anger for about a year, I forget these things. Makes sense. I might move some of that code about anyway in the next refactor when I adding a the last couple of features I want in.




Yeah, it’s an easy gotcha. There’s another one: when you delete a sublime.EventListener (comment it out for example) sometimes it will hang around and pump out the event handlers. Or sometime’s you’ll rename some function, and somehow forget to update the usages ( someone calls your for lunch or something – or your a scatterbrain like moi) it will use the old function which will still be around. Another one is editing some dependency file and forgetting that it doesn’t get auto reloaded and that even if it did you’d have to reload any modules that depend on it, to get the latest version … Another is …



“There’s another one: when you delete a sublime.EventListener (comment it out for example) sometimes it will hang around and pump out the event handlers.”… this clears a significant part of my doubt…