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"This is an unregistered copy" message


Hi, I’ve been using Sublime Text for a while and I’m absolutely in love with it! However, there’s one thing that really bothers me, and that is the “This is an unregistered copy” message.

I know that beggars can’t be choosers, but you can at least do something else other than pop up the same message every time you save. It really slows down what I’m doing because when I save and then Alt-Tab out to use Git Bash or something, it pops up the message and then I have to click cancel to continue. This makes me lose my train of thought and then I will have to waste 1-2 minutes re-thinking what I was going to do, let alone that this message pops up frequently. Not everyone has a massive amount of income, I would really buy the license to help out the developer of this program, but right now, I don’t have enough money to do so.

That said, I would like to suggest a way to disable this message. Another solution would be to show this message on start up. There’s so many possible solutions but I don’t know why the message has to show every time you save. I’m pretty sure a lot of people using the free version would also like this option. If anyone has a better and non-counter productive solution, please post here and hopefully they will take it into consideration.




Here is a great way of disabling that annoying message :wink:

If you can’t afford to buy the program you can either just use a free editor (and there are plenty of free editors which are OR…ish) or stop bitching :mrgreen:
Or, probably, you just don’t need it.



Hahah… nice reply. Can you tell me how I can get Windows 7 to quit bugging me too? :smiley: Just kidding!

@Krankles, for what it’s worth - I used the editor for a good six months before buying it (I finally did buy it a few weeks ago). And in that time, I was only prompted by that alert window once in every 30 saves or so. I don’t think that’s bad at all. Not once did I see it and get annoyed by it. I doubt you’re seeing the alert everytime you hit ctrl-s.

My advice - deal with it. Save some money up, and support the program. If we don’t buy it, then there might not be a Sublime Text 3 at some point. :smile:



No thanks, I actually really like this editor. I never said I won’t buy the license, I’m saying that in the mean time, until I can get some more money, I’d like to suggest a better option to only show the message on start up or some other way (logically speaking, why would you show the alert message when you save every 30 times or so…?). Also, I was exaggerating seeing the alert every time I save, but since I save a lot (about 20-40 saves per 20 minutes-ish), I see it quite frequently. These results aren’t very accurate but I know I’m seeing it more than I’d like I should.

If I have to see this alert so many times, then so be it. I was only suggesting a suggestion to help Sublime Text become a better program in my opinion. I don’t know why I’m getting some sarcastic/hateful comments.



I don’t see any problem with this message since there is currently no enforced time limit for evaluate Sublime. If you use any other commercial editor like textmate, e-texteditor or coda, you wont see a reminder for every 20 saves but after a few days you can’t use it without buying a license.



Yes, I’m very glad that there is no enforced time limit, (and hope there never will be) but again, I just wanted to make a simple suggestion to make the Alert message pop up when you start it up.



If this message wasn’t annoying I think very few people would be motivated to register since currently there are no time/feature limitations (i’m not saying you wouldn’t).



True, but I’ve been using Sublime Text for a long time now (don’t let the fact that I joined today discourage you) and it’s just starting to get on my nerves. Think of using an old car for a long time, eventually you’ll start to get annoyed by the fact that you have to fix it up every time because it’s so old (probably a bad analogy, but you get the gist).

Also, I’m not saying it isn’t annoying. To me, it is annoying.



It’s because you sound like an ingrate.

Edit: The nag screen is a fundamental concept of software sales.
It incentivises users to purchase the software.
You should be grateful there is no time limit on the trial.



This is amazing. The internet never fails to deliver.




It’s because you sound like an ingrate.

Edit: The nag screen is a fundamental concept of software sales.
It incentivises users to purchase the software.
You should be grateful there is no time limit on the trial.[/quote]

Actually, I’m very grateful that there is no time limit. You guys are making false assumptions (and if you make false assumptions, you’re making an ass out of yourself, but why do I care?) and are misunderstanding. All I wanted to do was make a simple suggestion but it seems like I can’t without people flaming at me. What’s wrong with making a suggestion to change the way when the alert message is going to pop up? They made these forums for a reason, to get feedback and some suggestions.

Anyway, it’s fine if the developer of this program doesn’t change it because there is no enforced time limit, (which is really generous) but at least take this into consideration. I don’t really mind the complaints but I just never imagined that I’d get this kind of response. :stuck_out_tongue:




Anyway, it’s fine if the developer of this program doesn’t change it because there is no enforced time limit, (which is really generous) but at least take this into consideration. I don’t really mind the complaints but I just never imagined that I’d get this kind of response. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you can expect some derision if you suggest something that questions the already generous choice to release the software without a time limit albeit with a nag screen.
Being grateful is definitely the best attitude to have here.

I really believe that everyone has something to offer and contributing here in the forums or on a package or plugin is a great way to show your gratitude.
Trust me, everyone one here is otherwise friendly and just plain awesome. And we all love Sublime Text too.
Welcome to the forums. :smiley:



Hi, folks …

Just found this forum/thread prior to installing Sublime Text, so as to be sure there would be no limitations on function/use during evalution.

I registered here, to respond to this old message.

I’ll say without prejudice that the user hoping to circumvent the ‘nag screen’ never registered, even though it may sound a bit hypocrital comin’ from me (this proud FSF and OSI member prefers contributing, and there’s no ‘donate’ button).

I’m not too proud to admit to being nearly blind, and having the low income to prove it. I’d all but given up on the 'net, which is a fact much harder to admit. But, still, if this tool works for me? I’ll pay 'em for it.

~ d@k/d@niel/cowcreekgeek ~;-)




I also registered after 5 years just to give a solution to the OP xD.
Actually is quite easy, you just have to add a shorcut to sustitute the current combination to save (Cntrl+S).
Sublime has a saving counter and every 10~20 saves,it shows this disturbing message.
I created a shorcut (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S) to save all due to I work with several files at the same time.

tip: I aslo did a shorcut to comment a block and is very useful :wink:

You’re welcome.

For the people who probably will complain about my post: If the developer team want to give us for free, it is their problem if we find some ways to accelerate our work



Know this response is five years late, but hope you found something worth supporting OP. Personally, sublime’s documentation and plugin management aren’t polished enough for me to consider paying what they’re asking for, but I’d happily donate.

$50 for a text editor with nill plugin/theme authoring support/documentation, an obtuse plugin management system, and a nag window is steep.

The kinds of sentiments you received made sense back in 2012, but hopefully now product design (and software in general) has evolved enough to know that creating an adversarial relationship with a user is an awful way to gain financial support. Unless sublime is happy to be lumped in as a light version of ransomware.

Also worth pointing out that there hasn’t been another major release in the past five years.



I don’t know where you are getting your “facts” from:

there was one last month: shows color schemes, themes, API, plugins, even syntax definitions etc.

actually it’s super simple… what don’t you like about it?

if you don’t want to pay to remove a nag window, that’s your choice, but if you use the software a lot, you should support the developers



All releases are still tagged under version three. Sublime text 3 was the latest five years ago, and is the latest now.

You’re right about the documentation! This is way better than it was when I was authoring plugins and themes, so thank you for educating me. I stopped contributing a while ago after purchasing a license and receiving no help or documentation on the API.

Install a theme and set it to active and tell me it isn’t obtuse. Unless sublime is the only editor you’ve been using, it stacks up poorly next to alternatives. Quick activation shouldn’t be the responsibility of the developer.

I absolutely agree about supporting software I use. I make it a point to support even the free tools I use - I was simply saying that an effective tool doesn’t need to annoy users for money. I was not saying people should be free to use the work of other developers without support and without guilt. Apologies if that wasn’t clear, and thanks for chiming in. :smile:



I personally understand where you’re coming from with that. Sublime Text’s plugin and theme manager, for example, don’t come out of the box, and are in general much harder to use than, say, Atom’s counterparts (which are more GUI based).



This was “fixed” in version 3127. You can go to Preferences -> Theme…, and that’ll allow you to just scroll through the available themes.

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