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There's one way to solve conflicts like in atom editor?


Hello guys, how ru? Hope fine. I’m love sublime and all the stuffs, I know exists sublime merge but I’m looking forward for a “GUI” like atom editor, when conflicts, show in file two “USE ME” to solve, like image below, there’s one way to do this using sublime?



Something like that is technically possible in a Sublime Text plugin, but I’m not aware of anything that does it. You may want to to check into packages like GitSavvy for enhancements to Sublime that give it Git functionality.

Sublime doesn’t do this natively on it’s own because the devs don’t think it’s a good fit to have source control tools packaged into Sublime directly (hence why Sublime Merge is a separate tool).



I have recently switched back to GitSavvy since I have been finding the context switch of jumping over to sublime merge to be annoying for lots of little operations.

I kind of wish this guy:

Had opened up his plugin when it kind of died about a year ago.