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The dependency 'schedule' is not available


Package Control: The dependency ‘schedule’ is not currently installed; installing…
Package Control: The dependency ‘schedule’ is not available
Package Control: The dependency ‘schedule’ could not be installed or updated
error: Package Control

One or more dependencies could not be installed or updated.

Please check the console for details.

I’m unable to add schedule library to dependency file.
How to add this library to dependency.json



Dependencies are Python packages that have been bundled up for Sublime Text. You can’t just pull any package off of pypi.

Here are the current list of available dependencies:



I wish schedule should also be bundled up in sublime as it is a helpful library for scheduling some repetitive task without affecting main thread



The dependencies.json has a key property of load_order. What does that signify ?



Package Control installs dependencies in the Packages folder currently, and it uses a special directory layout inside of the package to make sure that Sublime won’t see any Python files in the top level and load them as plugins.

In order for the thing that requires the dependency to be able to import the content of the dependency, Package Control updates the sys.path to include the locations of the dependency package contents; the order in which those entries are added to the sys.path is defined by the load order.

More information on how dependencies work is available here:

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It looks like it’s nothing but a single .py file without external deps. You can simply put it in your project and import it via relative path. The author doesn’t claim it support Python 3.3 so there may be something not working that you have to test.