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The Command Pallette vs. the main menu


The idea of the Command Palette is to be able to run/execute Sublime Text’s commands/actions from it, right?
In such case, why the Command Palette does not contain all the items available from the Sublime Text’s main menu?
For example, let’s type “prj” in the Command Palette.
It shows:

  • Project: Close
  • Project: Add Folder
  • Project: Edit Project
  • Project: Refresh Folders
  • Project: Save As

That’s all.

Why the following items are not there? –

  • Project: Open Project…
  • Project: Switch Project…
  • Project: Quick Switch Project…
  • Project: Open Recent

Who decides what to include and what to not include in the Command Palette and why?
Why “Project: Add Folder” is good enough to be included in the Command Palette, and “Project: Open Project…” is not?
What is the sense of limiting the Command Palette?

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it’s generally just an oversight I believe, there is an issue logged for it here to remind the devs to add the missing items to the command palette (and a plugin to do so in the interim):



The issue on GitHub had been opened 3 years ago, and yet not all commands are present in the Command Palette!
For example, nothing under Goto -> Switch File is not in the Command Palette, so I’ve spent a few minutes to walk through all Sublime’s submenu manually to recall whether a command Switch Header/Implementation exists and what is the shortcut for it…
Please don’t get me wrong, but Command Palette should be a working instrument that allows to find every possible command! Otherwise how can one rely on it?



I’ve found this nice project on GitHub:

To me, its enhanced version of “Default.sublime-commands” must be added into the official “Default.sublime-package” package.
Let’s look at VS Code: its Command Palette contains all commands. And it’s handy!
Let’s look at CudaText: its Command Palette contains all commands. And it’s handy! Moreover, you can assign and re-assign shortcut keys to any command right from there. It’s even more handy!
Let’s look at SublimeText: its Command Palette is incomplete. Not handy and frustrating.