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Thank you to Jon Skinner and OdatNurd


Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to both of you fine folks. Jon, you’ve made an amazing piece of software that I’ve used for a long time. It’s really helped me with my work.

OdatNurd, you helped me recently in a really concise, easy-to-follow manner, and you put out great content that helps me to leverage Sublime Text to be far more efficient than I ever have been. It was this help that pushed me over the edge in purchasing Sublime Text.

Today, after a long period of evaluation, I bought a Sublime Text license. I am happy to support this project – it’s definitely helped me considerably; I use it every day, and use it more than any other application on my computer. Thanks again for making my life and work easier.



I recently started on @OdatNurd’s Youtube series. Really infectious stuff.

And on the on other hand, I want to start extending ST4 so that all the new stuff I need that I keep being shown in VSC, I can put together.

As @remanifest has said, thank you guys.



Just thought I’d chime in with a big THANK YOU as well for a superb product. Sublime Text is a super slick, efficient, weapon editor! Much kudos for creating it.