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Thank you Sublime Text 4


I just want to say thank you for the new version of Sublime Text 4. I am a long payed customer to ST and I have ST3 which i bought more then 5 years ago and I am super happy with this Code Editor. I will never switch it. It is amazing. And this new version of ST4 is even better. Before I used around 10 plugins with ST3 and now I use only 4. I love how smooth and fast the Code Editor is and I can’t wait for what ST will upgrade next. :slight_smile:
I know there is a lot of negativity when there is a new version, so I just wanted to spred my love and I hope others will agree with me.



Glad you like it. I made thread about plugins for ST3 and ST4. Check it out. That is the beauty of Sublime Text. It is a great text editor that can be extended into something more.