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Text storage?


When I create text with Sublime and close the program without saving it, is the text saved anywhere on disk such that I can access it with another program,
or do I have to explicitly save it myself before I exit Sublime? If so, where?

I thnk it would be better if it saved somewhere when I exit.



The contents are saved in the session file along with the rest of the application’s data. It is not accessible separately.



Is there any chance for enabling automatic external storage at exit for emergencies? I had instances of system crashes where I lost large amounts of text.



The session is written atomically, it should not be lost in the case of system crashes or power outages.



That’s what I expected, but…

Sublime was installed on partition D. System was on partition C:. I had to restore C from backup and when I opened Sublime, the text was not there.

If the text was on D it should have been there, but wasn’t.

Am I missing something here?



ST stores session file in %APPDATA%\Sublime Text when installed normally. So if you don’t use ST in portable mode and your user profile is located on C:, restoring C: partition cleared your ST profile as well.



That’s what I figured, which is why I never liked splitting the components of an application in multiple locations – I see no benefit and only risks with that.

And I just got more proof of it.



Separation of application and data is a crucial security concept. You should just had to have moved your user profile folder to a separate partition as well, to separate it from Windows.

That said, ST supports “portable mode”. If a “Data” directory exists in install directory, it is used to store all user preferences.

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Also, if you have your unsaved buffers in a “project”, SLT will save them within the *.sublime-workspace file. I have a Scratchpad.sublime-project in my google drive for that exact reason.

FWIW %APPDATA% is the exact place to put such data according to OS guidelines, so it’s always a good idea to include that in your backup.

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Methinks that security preferences are the user’s and should be left to her/his choice, If I risk it and lose, it’s my responsibility – can’t blame anybody else.
But that’s just me.

Can you pls advise what folder do I move from where to where to have everything in the app folder on D?




I am sorry, but this is too technical for me.

All I would like to know is what Sublime folder(s) on C: exist thaat I could xfr to D such that the app is aware of it.




It really reads like you should try the portable version of Sublime. That’s a zip you can extract wherever you want and basically is a self-contained Sublime version. (It still updates.) But you can put it on any drive, and it is easy to backup. (You could also have multiple versions of Sublime this way.)



Thank you.

It does sound like what I need, it just did not appear so from the name. So I will try it. Will try.



I switched to the portable version and it looks like that’s what I wanted.

But as long as I have you here, there is a very weird problem with both versions that I do not see in any other program. While I write, the cursors often jumps to random locations in the text so fast that I cannot react and continue to type and the text is inserted in those placesand I have to wipe it out. It happens a lot and is extremely annoying. It seems it happens in particular if I stop typing for a second or two. The system emits an annoying sound when it happens.

Anybody experiencing this? Any idea what causes it and how to stop it?



Does it happen in safe mode?



Have no idea – never used it.
My question is whatever happens in safe mode, why don’t I see the problem in other apps? Why only Sublime?



I’m asking you to try safe mode, to see if it’s due to a customization you’ve made to ST.



Since I just uninstalled ST and installed portable, I made NO customization. I did not have time and besides I did not customize even the first version. It works for me out of the box – don’t need it.

Besides, it happens in both versions.

BTW, where is the text in the portable installation – could not see it.



You may have some Accessible tools enabled in Windows. Also older keyboards can beep if you’re holding too many keys down at the same time. And e.g. a track pad can misbehave if you’re on a laptop. There are really many ways to get that.



Sorry, but based on my experience, none of these seem to be the cause.
I do not use any Windows tools.
I do not have any need to hold multiple keys.
I do not have and use a trackpad.
And, to repeat: it happens only in Sublime. If any of those factors were responsible, I would have the problem in other applications.

The text would remain in Sublime after I closed it; but not in the portable version. Is this how it should be? Why? In this sense it is worse than the regular.