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Text Delay in Long Paragraphs



I am having the problem of significant delay before the typed text shows up in long paragraphs.

That is, as I type long paragraphs of Markdown text without breaking them into paragraphs, it takes increasingly longer for the text to show up. For example, for a text of ca. 4000 characters, the waiting time is around 2 seconds. The text only shows up when I stop typing. If I make the paragraph short (ca. 400 characters), the delay immediately goes away.

It doesn’t matter if the document has been saved or not. The input language doesn’t seem to matter either (I’ve tried English and Russian).

I am using ST3 on Solus Budgie Linux, unregistered, the version is 3.2.1, build 3207.




have you tried without any third party packages installed? maybe a plugin is causing this delay, or maybe the Markdown syntax definition you are using isn’t optimized for ST’s regex engine and thus the delay because it has to re-lex the line to determine the scope to know if any keybindings apply before it can insert the characters you type



I didn’t install anything in addition to the standard setup. The only things I changed were two additional build systems (Markdown to DOCX and FB2) and some lines in the settings:

	"auto_match_enabled": false,
	"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Breakers.sublime-color-scheme",
	"font_size": 17,
	"save_on_focus_lost": true,
	"theme": "Adaptive.sublime-theme",
	"word_wrap": "auto",
	"wrap_width": 80