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Terminus: find terminal from console


Hi, say I want to check if I have a Terminus tab open in my window. In the past I wrote this small class

import sublime
import sublime_plugin

from .terminus.core import *

class TerminusFocusCommand(TerminusFindTerminalMixin,sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):
	def run(self, tag=None, visible_only=False):
		terminal = self.find_terminal(self.window, tag=tag, visible_only=visible_only)

to find and focus a terminal. Is there a way to run the find_terminal() method from the python console inside of ST? I assume I would have to first import the terminus package somehow.

I also tried calling window.run_command("find_terminal",{"tag": None,"visible_only": False}) with a Terminal open, but no success.