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Technical issues in the "find all" function for Windows


i ve found a problem in the find function.

If I search for a hyphen in an article, for example in a Wikipedia article, and I use the “find all function”, the program will find many hyphens, but it also omits many.
If I copy one of the other hyphens and put “find all” in the search function, the program will find the other ones but not the one I copied, that is very strange, isn’t it?



Are you sure that the ones that aren’t found aren’t en-dash or em-dash characters instead? They’re visually similar but aren’t the same character.



Yes i´m totally sure. It´s a bug! But just in the windows version.
i told you i copied the dash that was not marked and put it in the search function.
But the programm marked all other not this copied.

I took the same text in ubuntu sublime and there was no error the program marked all hyphen.



It’s also possible there’s an invisible character around the dash you copied. Could you perhaps provide an example file where you are able to reproduce this? Could you also share which version of Sublime Text and which version of Windows you’re using?