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Tag moved in remote is not moved locally after fetch


Just wanted to check if it’s an actual issue or if its just me that have the issue before I create it on Github.
I have a repo whose tag has been moved on the remote. I run fetch and fetch --prune and both don’t move the tag. It takes a delete tag locally and fetch for it to be placed at the correct commit.
Although it’s probably irrelevant, I’ll just specify that this issue was found on a repo that is the submodule (if it makes a difference).



This is likely a git issue, not Sublime Merge as SM just calls the git commands directly. Could you test this on the command line and see? It’s also possible that SM just needs to start using/supporting fetch --tags.



Yeah, that’s what I mean, the fetch of SM should include a fetch of the tags.



Free free to create an enhancement request, but in the meantime you can try:
git config remote.origin.tagOpt --tags
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