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Tabbed interface?


I am looking into using sublimemerge at work but the problem is the project I am working on is spread over multiple independent repositories. I do not want to have multiple instances of sublimemerge open and cluttering up my taskbar because it is already way out of control witeh all the applications I need to have open at the same time.

Is it possible to open multiple repositores in ONE sublimemerge window witha tabbed interface? If not I would like to ask for this feature to be added.

I also asked for this same feature to be added to sublimetext which I am a registered user of because because I am very often working on multiple related but separate projects at the same time - it would be REALLY nice if the left panel in ST3 could show multiple open projects at the same time.



Not possible today but this is in the roadmap of Sublime Merge.

Personally I found that quick switch project (ctrl+shift+o in sublime merge, ctrl+alt+p in ST) is enough.

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Currently on macOS 10.12+, this is possible via the OS, but it is not yet available for Linux or Windows.



I gave up asking for it. Maybe one day in a distant future. It looks like SM development is frozen right now. If I even knew it before purchasing my license.