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Tab selection dropdown


Is it possible to trigger the tab selection dropdown shown at the top right of each pane with a hotkey?

I want to quickly flip between files I have open in the current group, rather than all the files I have open, The package does a great job at this so I don’t need to do it now, but still wonder if it’s possible?



No, as far as I know, that button does not have a command which when run toggles that drop down to show/hide. So no way to bind to a hot key as well. There is an open request on the issue tracker to allow a command for that (as well as several other parts of the UI that can only be accessed currently with mouse clicls)



Ah, thanks.

In case future me forgets (or anyone else) that is here and

"enable_tab_scrolling": false

suppresses this built-in menu when using Tab Filter instead.

if you set, for example

// list tabs in current pane
    "keys": ["alt+b"],
    "command": "tab_filter",
    "args": { "active_group_only": true, }

in your key settings, then alt-b will list the tabs in the current split / pane which is the effect I was after.