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Tab names for python files


I would love to be able to name the tabs of the python file to the name of the module.
I know this is a really python only request, but any python users will Agree with this I think.


myPythonLib \_firstModule \_

Editing would name the tab firstModule instead of

This would be huge for python developers using Sublime in my opinion.

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This would generally be very useful outside of python. Often frameworks/codebases will use filenames that inherit it’s identity from the folder name, so in ST3 you get this scenario.

I probably have 20+ index.vue files in any non-trivial project.
These tabs, IMO, would be better presented like:

current behavior preferred behavior
IndexController.php - Product Product/IndexController.php
IndexController.php - Customer Customer/IndexController.php
index.vue posts/index.vue

maybe this could be a plugin or “show X folders before name” or “default tab name format” could be a new setting.