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TAB key won't tab/space


Hi ya,

I’ve just installed and set up ST3. I use ExpressionEngine a lot and have added syntax for it. All is working wonderfully, however, when I hit TAB nothing happens and I don’t get a space. As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating.

It seems to work with other syntax’s, just not the EE one. Any ideas? I’ve been searching around for hours and can’t seem to find a key binding to help.

Thanks all.

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Finally I found it.


{ "keys": "tab"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "\t"} },

To user keybindings. It was initially down as shift+tab - So I have just removed the shift.

Right, on with work.



Thank you. Christ! the most recent update re-wrote that binding and I was banging my head against the walls

(time to give atom another chance, while hoping that someone runs a sentiment analysis tool here)


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Could you please tell me where I can make this change described above?
I am also having this issue once I went from ST3 to ST4.

Thanks very much.

EDIT: Actually I found it. In the key bindings. Wonderful!! This was getting very annoying.