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Tab Close Buttons on the left of the tab title


As a user (mainly on mac), I’d like to be able to close many tabs quickly (Other than using cmd+w). Clicking on the close button (x) on the tabs is how I would like to do this, but the tab titles make the tabs different sizes. To alleviate this, a simple solution is to move the tab close buttons to the left of the title. This would essentially make the tab close buttons in the same spot. Every time a tab is closed, the next close button would be directly under the mouse.

Thanks for your time and commitment!




Close buttons are in the upper left of windows on Linux, OS X, and there is even one in the upper left on Windows (though they hide it).

As you mentioned you are “mainly on Mac”, it would also match the standard location for a tab’s close button on OS X. E.g. Safari tabs and Finder tabs also have the close button on the left.



In case you missed it, you can cmd-click on a tab and, from the local menu, select “Close Other Tabs” or “Close Tabs to the Right”.



It is unfortunate that tab close buttons are placed on the right and their position not (easily? at all?) customisable - for someone who doesn’t come from Windows it feels like a punch in the face.

Is it possible to change the position to the left hand side of the tab ? Where/how ? There is a

"class": "tab_close_button"

in a sublime-theme but I don’t know if there is an attribute I could use.