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Sync Settings is Unmaintained; What do you think?


Like what do you use to sync then? I get the plugin still works but I would prefer the main plugin I use for syncing across computers is actively maintained. As there are a lot of features that could be added, just look at VSCode, it’s automated.

This raises another issue a lot of plugins become unmaintained over time. Makes me think its better to go to an editor with an active and large community etc. Just pondering!



Like what do you use to sync then?

I’ve never used it. I use no plugin but just git + github. (manually sync)



If it is a plugin you really value - consider taking over the maintenance of it?
That being said - it would be nice of the devs to maybe put some backing behind some of the most popular plugins as they add a ton of value to their product?



I simply symlink my User dir to iCloud and this keeps all my settings in sync.
But I do agree that if you don’t use any cloud storage, or are new to Sublime, settings sync looks like a useful feature.



I just use the open terminal here, then use the git commands. Takes a few seconds