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Switch focus on already open projects


With SublimeText Quick Switch Project we can toggle between our projects. This does not work, however, if I have multiple Projects open and I want to switch from one project to the other.

What happens is that Switch Project pop up does not list the projects currently open (they are missing in the list).

What I would like to do is switching between projects regardless whether they are already open or not. If they are not open the current project should be closed and the selected project opened and active. If they are open the current project should stay open and the selected project should be active.

Is there an alternative to do this?



Ouh, focussing open projects would be nice, that’s right.

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I haven’t found any existing issue for this so I want to use this place to elaborate.

The reason why open projects are not listed in the quick switch projects is probably because it intends to swap the project currently in focus, i.e. close the existing one and open another.

I think the behaviour could be changed such that already open projects are listed, as well.

  1. There is probably little advantage on this on a small monitor.
  2. Most of us are working on a multi-monitor workstation, though. Also, since UHD monitors in ultra wide and xtra large have become more accessible there are a growing number of users with multiple virtual windows on their desktop environment. Furthermore, there is the option to have multiple virtual desktop environments… => all of this makes it possible to visualise multiple ST projects and workspaces on the screen area
  3. One problem to this is that projects are swapped or switched depending on whether it is already open or not. This might be confusing to the user.

an existing issue mentions that the currently active project is also listed in the “quick switch projects”, stating that there is no use in that and it should be removed:

However, it does not seem necessary to have the currently open project in the “switch project” popup because you obviously don’t switch projects when you select the already opened one. Maybe this is more of an issue.

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With my suggested changes above this holds still true.



the biggest problem I have with the current behaviour is that I do not remember all the projects I have currently open. It happens quite frequently that I want to quick switch into a project but can’t because it is open somewhere…