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Survey of Interest in Print from Sublime


There is a temptation to incorrectly assume that few of us are interested in printing. The reality is that after 15 years of asking for it we’ve given up!

Rather then draw false conclusions about those of us that have witnessed the hopelessness of this situation and stopped posting, why don’t we find out with an official survey.

I understand the fear of the likely outcome… overwhelming support for printing would be an embarrassment but why not just do the ego-less thing and ask the simple question “would you use print”.



there’s still no good reason why people don’t just use the ExportHTML plugin for printing



The problem has never been how many people actually want the feature (even though I would be surprised if more than 5% of the user base actually need it):

  • cross-platform printing is NOT easy
  • Development team is quite small
  • And like Keith said, there is viable alternative with ExportHTML plugin.

Considering that, It is extremely hard to justify spending time on this feature, especially when in it is in concurrence to other stuff like improving auto-completion, syntax definition (like branching point), …



If the ST developers had some sort of brain seizure and actually implemented printing people would still moan and complain because it wouldn’t print the exact way they wanted it, or it wouldn’t work exactly on their printer, so it’s a fools errand.

If you really want printing in ST you shouldn’t be pleading with or cajoling the developers, you should be seeking out some masochist plug-in developer who is foolhardy enough to undertake creating a suitable printing plugin.



Or one who just uses an application that already has a printer like ExportHtml does :wink:. I think it works quite well if I do say so myself.



Hello @JeffV.

In my opinion, this is not the way to ask the question.
Because only those who want it will take time to answer.

For instance, if you asked what do you prefer to be implemented between:

  • printing support
  • efficient RTL languages support

Most people would choose the second feature to be implemented.
You ask the question for the answer you want. It is not a fair way to put the problem.

Best regards.



I tend to print all my source code to paper on every commit, then file them all to a folder that holds the entire commit history of the project :wink:

Jokes aside, I agree with @trashyms and @nutjob2. I’d assume that every print-job should be custom designed on a per user and per project level, at the very least.

There are many tools available which integrate nicely in your own plug-in.