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Support sucks bigtime for paying clients Sublime



This is not the first time I notice this, when I post a support question nobody from the Sublime Staff cares and questions can float around for ever not being answered or solved.

I’m a long paying client from the beginning of Sublime text and I think the support sucks big time!

Wonder if this is normal when you pay a yearly subscription?





We don’t have anyone dedicated to technical support, though I generally try to answer what I can.



You pay to support the development of Sublime Text. This is a small company. They don’t have call center or outsourced on-demand tech support like you see on bigger companies.



Very strange! On the website I see:


Something not working right? Pop in to the Technical Support forum to get it sorted.

And there must be some money to finance this? With 17million plus users?

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@ALLMEDIALAB, see the following.



Where did you get this figure from?

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Sublime vs Atom: Comparison Summary

Atom Sublime Text
Cost $0 $70 (after trial)
Platforms Linux, Mac, Windows Linux, Mac, Windows
Age 6 years (since 2014) 12 years (since 2008)
Packages/Plugins 8,500+ 4,900+
Themes 2,900+ 170+
Security Open source Closed
Programmed Language Node JS and HTML C++ and Python
Core Contributors 63 ~3
Users 1+ million 17+ million
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Interesting, because I have quite the opposite feeling.

Have you tried to file in bug reports on GitHub?

On my record, stuff has been doing such an amazing job at resolving issues and introducing features which I request, that I finally decided (and saved money) to buy a dual license. Not to gain support and because I allegedly must to keep using it (that article is horseshit, tbh), but because I wanted to show my respect and support the development.