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Support Spell Checking in MacOS



why is there no support for the dictionary in MacOS in Sublime Text?

You can find a few tinkered solutions on GitHub, but there is no current dictionary that can be used for it, only outdated ones. Why is there no native way to use the MacOS spell checker in Sublime Text? Other editors can do that too.

I use Sublime Text for Markdown, HTML and CSS and would like to use it more intensively, but without a spell checker it only works to a limited extent in my areas.

It will be awesome, when anytime the support comes. I know, most people coding with Sublime Text, but i write a lot and need this Spell Check to do more with Sublime Text.

Thanks für hearing it. Sorry for my bad English, i’m not native but i do my best.




Someone made a LSP plugin for Code Spell Checker. You can try it. You will need to:

  1. Install LSP from Package Control in Sublime Text. This means press Ctrl+Shift+p and type install, then type LSP
  2. Add the repo to Sublime Text. This means press Ctrl+Shift+p and type add repo, then paste the repo in the box.
  3. Install LSP-cspell from Package Control. This means press Ctrl+Shift+p and type install, then type LSP-cspell
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First of all, thank you very much. I will have a look later, currently I use a rather poor solution, with all sorts of files.

But the question, why Sublime Text does not support the native Spell Checker of MacOS, remains. I don’t really understand this, because every app under MacOS can always activate the Spell Check if you want it to. Only with Sublime Text this is not possible.

If I use the solution from above, I also need Package Control, a plugin whose future is never certain and so on. So also only a kind of workaround for a basic feature in my opinion.



A feature request was filed for this (or something very similar) just a couple of weeks ago: