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Support for more stylistic sets


Fira Code v2 has been recently released and I guess a lot of Sublime users use this free font for its ligatures. The new release supports a couple stylistic sets (described in the link) some of them with numbers above ss10, Sublimes limit for the “font_options” setting. These stylistic sets also have alternate names like “zero”.

Would it be possible for Sublime in a next release to support stylistic sets above ss10 and or alternate names?

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Does Sublime Text 3 support stylistic sets on Windows 10 at all?

Just installed Fira Code v2 and added ss02 to the font_options, but the <= and >= ligatures don’t change.

List of stylistic sets:



I’m on Linux and can confirm that ss01-ss06 work while ss19 doesn’t.



@erazor It mostly has to do with an implementation detail. Font options are implemented as a uint32_t as bit flags, and there are a number of options pre-existing. I could reasonably fit 10 into the existing data type, but adding all 20 would mean refactoring a bunch of code to pass around a uint64_t.

@deathaxe It should work on Windows 10. I remember implementing it, and I’m fairly sure I tested it. Does it work if you restart Sublime Text?



Tried both restart ST and Windows in the first place.

Finally found the issue.

I just installed the new version overwriting the existing Fira Code. Even though Windows asked me to overwrite the old font, it just didn’t. The new Fira Code was copied with a trailing _0 to the Windows\Fonts folder. I guess Windows was not able to overwrite the old one as it is used by several applications.

After uninstalling/removing both versions and reinstalling Fira Code V2, the “ss02” is applied as expected.