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Support commit.cleanup when editing a commit message



I was excited to see that in the latest version of Sublime Merge (2068), there is support for the commit.cleanup Git config. From the changelog:

Commit Messages: Added support for strip and default modes of commit.cleanup

However, I am noticing that when I edit a commit message by clicking Edit Commit > Edit Commit Message, the value of commit.cleanup does not seem to be used. I often edit commit messages (sometimes in a hurry), and it would be helpful to know that trailing white space has been automatically trimmed. Would it be possible to add support for commit.cleanup whenever a commit message is modified, including for edits?



The best place to ask for something like this is on the official tracker; you can get there by using Help > Report a bug from the menu. Despite the name it will take you to the tracker, where you’ll have the option to record either an enhancement or a bug.

Requests made in the forum tend to get lost in the noise due to all of the traffic.

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Thank you, @OdatNurd! I clicked “Report a bug”, then filed a GitHub issue here: