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Sublundo: Vim-like persistent, branching undo


Hi everyone,

As mentioned here, I’ve recently released a package that attempts to bring Vim-like undo/redo functionality to Sublime Text 3: Sublundo.

It’s still in early development, so I’d definitely appreciate feedback—I’m sure there’s much to be improved.





This is one of the things I am sorely missing from vim. Especially the persistent part.

I am running in some problems though, probably because I am using NeoVintageous and as I believe it also overrides the default undo and redo commands.

I am not proficient enough to really dig into NeoVintageous since it overrides almost anything and is thus rather opaque to me. Hence, the question: Do you, perhaps, know your way around those packages and could give me a pointer on how to make those both package work better together? Or at least make Sublundo override harder :smiling_imp: .

I rarely need the “repeat command” ( dot operator in vim) on my redo button.

Thanks in advance and for your work on this (especially the nice tree, I like graphs!)



I also use NeoVintageous and I can’t say that I’ve run into any issues that seem directly related to it.

If you get a chance, I’d much appreciate if you would open an issue detailing your problems. My goal is to be 100% compatible with NeoVintageous out-of-the-box.




Hi I installed the Sublundo, when I press cmd+shift+p, I see Sublundo : Visualize, but when I click on it nothing happens. I thought a menu would appear.
I am using an iMac runing Big Sur, Sublime, Stable Channel, Build 4113

I did some edits, deletes and pastes thinking maybe edits have to happen before I see a menu?

I would love to see Sublundo in action. :slight_smile: