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SublimeText No Longer Associated with Any file types


I can not say with 100% certainty, but I’m 99% sure, since I installed Sublime-Merge (as Nothing else has change), SublimeText3 is No Longer associated with ANY file types eg, plain/text, .txt, .conf, .sh, *rc etc…
Also, ST3 does Not appear as ‘installed’ in zypper any longer, but Sublime-Merge is.
Any Ideas? This is weird, eh…

It is going to be an unnecessary Pain, re-associating with all the file types it Was associated with, as my primary, No, Only editor.

Thanks for a GREAT product!

openSuSE 13.x
KDE 4.x (refuse to use ‘plasma5’)
SublimeText 3083 updated to: 31xx … 3211 (several versions over time).



There is one thing, I just remembered doing…
I added GPG key and repository from which I installed Sublime-Merge.