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SublimeText 3 Windows - Setup Vs Portable version


Hello to all the forum members and Sublime Team

I’m entering the Sublime Text world

I’m wondering if is there any particular advantage or vice versa installing from setup.exe as windows installed program against the portable app version

For me is preferable the portable version, that is the reason of this question.

If any, thank you for pointing out reasons to choose one against the other




ST seems not using the registry much except the optional “Open with ST” in the context menu. (but I prefer add this context menu by my own to add more options)

  • For the setup, user settings are under %AppData%\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\.
  • For the portable, user settings are under the same directory with ST itself Data\ (so it’s portable, just copy the whole ST directory to anywhere).

But actually it seems ST just prefers loading Data\ if it exists in my previous experiment a long time ago, so I doubt that a setup version can be a portable version too and vice versa…



Thank you Jack, your reply is pretty technical as well

So no issues or interferences with any package/extension as well, I suppose



With the exception of where Sublimes stores your configuration information, there’s no functional difference between the two different ways of installing Sublime. The same packages will work in both versions, they support the same settings, and so on.




Thank you