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SublimeMerge Needs a Better Busy Indicator


When my git repository is located on a remote filesystem, access to the files can take from milliseconds when I’m co-located via ethernet, to much much longer if I’m working remotely via VPN. This is not exactly the perfect scenario for the tool, but it’s workable and it’s what I’ve got.

The problem is that SM has no clear indication that it’s busy. Yes, there are a few places in the GUI where it tells you things are loading–for example it may say “Running git stash…” in the command-window.

However, when the filesystem is remote, it can take a really long time after pushing the “Stash” button for the command-window to update. Often, one might not be sure if the button was successfully pushed and it may get pushed again.

This seems unnecessary. I might be oversimplifying by saying that if SM is reading from the repository and waiting for data, a UI element indicating that it’s busy would go a long way towards making this scenario more usable.

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Sweet, thanks.

Look how old some of those bugs are! I sure hope those guys are busy.