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Sublime Text's core Markdown package, specifications


Are the ST core Markdown specs/features spelled out anywhere? I would benefit from seeing what all tags are possible. At the moment I’m specifically looking for how (or if) I can link from one file to an anchor tag or a line# within another file. But that’s just an example; I’d like to see all the possibilities, if they’re spelled out somewhere.



ST’s Markdown syntax follows CommonMark 0.30.0 as closely as possible and adds some extra features such as GFM tables & tasks or critic markup.

ST itself however doesn’t ship with any plugin functionality for highler level functionalities such as adding links or navigating between files via links (e.g.: wiki links).



Thanks, deathaxe. I’ll look at CommonMark 0.30.0.

The native Markdown in ST is letting me link from doc to doc, like this:


but that’s about it, link-wise. I’ll explore some plug-ins to see if I can find some more fine-grained linking possibilities.