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Sublime Text X 20110123


A new build of Sublime Text X is available now, at the usual location.

The biggest change here is that the Ctrl+P dialog has been reworked into a more general “Goto Anything” popup. From this, you can:

  • Type, to search through files (open files, recently closed files, and files in open folders)

  • @foo, to search through symbols in the current file

  • :foo, to go to the given line number

  • #foo, to do a fuzzy search in the current file for foo

These can be combined: “foo@bar” will search for the file that best matches “foo”, and go to the symbol in that file that best matches “bar”. “foo:100” would go to line 100 of the same file. You can use this to preview a location in another file, then hit escape to go back to where you where.

There’s still some polish to do on the dialog, but I’m keen for some feedback on it.

One difference between Goto Anything and the old Ctrl+P dialog is that Goto Anything will (by design) only operate on files in the current pane: if you select a file that’s open in a different pane, it’ll be cloned into the current pane (i.e., a second view into the same buffer).

Tab sizing is smarter now too: previously it used Chrome style behaviour, where each tab was the same size. The behaviour now is to always show as much of the file names as possible, and not do any truncation unless it absolutely has to be done.

There’s now a dedicated quick panel for switching between projects (Ctrl+Shift+P), as well as a collection of various other editing commands (e.g., sort, transpose, convert between tabs and spaces).

Finally, plugins are now auto-reloaded.



You’re too awesome :smile:



I just tried the goto function and it’s damn sweet! Wow. It’s really cool how you made them but how do you even think about these? You’re like some UX god :stuck_out_tongue:



Universal Goto sounds great, but I hope there is still a way to bind various keys like have say Ctrl-R open the universal goto with an “@” already in the input field so I don’t have to type it when I know what I’m gonna look for?




Some thoughts:

GoTo Anywhere

  • Allow customization of search modifiers

The @ and # characters are pretty cumbersome to type in my Spanish keyboard layout, so I 'd go for something like this:

: (line op.)    :: (symbol op.)    ::: (fuzzy search op.)

The customized operators should be accessible from plugins.

  • Highlight best match in sidebar

I personally wasn’t keen on the idea of the sidebar at first --and it still stands out too much, IMHO–, but I’m starting to grow fond of it. At the moment only files in the active pane (?) are highlighted in the sidebar when they become the best match. That’s a bit confusing when you’re searching and have folders in your project; there’s no visual cue to the file you’d activate by validating your search. I’d ask for that kind of visual feedback to be added.

  • How does search ranking work?

I believe the new system has been discussed before, but it seems to me that now you have to enter search keywords in order. I don’t think I can say: snipp otherkwd anotherkw and Sublime will match them in any order? I think this was the case in Sublime 1.x and it worked great for me, cause you can filter out stuff with less upfront thinking. But I might be missing some feature in the new search algorithm.



Would really like Ctrl+Backspace to have the same behavior in the project selector as it does everywhere else. Other than that, I love it!



Awesome release!

Day and day this is turning into a great editor! Thank you!

I had one problem/crash, 64bits version, Windows 7:

Empty project

Drop one folder in it

Used Ctrl+P and found a file and used @ symbol positioning

Hit Enter to open the file

Press Ctrl+W to close the file

Hit Ctrl+P again, crash

I can reproduce this consistently.

Crash details:

Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: sublime_text.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4d3bfad3 Fault Module Name: sublime_text.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4d3bfad3 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0000000000192988 OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 11274 Additional Information 1: 92dc Additional Information 2: 92dcd38c9d68b1976687d5c3eb02ab6e Additional Information 3: dcb8 Additional Information 4: dcb8d4b3120fef1e11d9b50f4cbbe201

Thank you.



Very very nice ctrl-p, thanks :smile:



You’re killing me here with all this talk of awesomeness but no way for an unregistered user to trial it. Any idea when it might become polished enough for you to consider letting us lesser mortals take a peek?




I’m aiming for the end of this month, or early next month - it won’t be long now.



Yeah, that was annoying me, as it made what was selected for a given input somewhat arbitrary. I’ll likely put it back it, but wanted to see what it was like with it disabled first.

luislavena: Thanks for the bug report, will fix

The Ctrl+Backspace issue is part of a wider one of python TextCommands only operating on files, and not in widgets. It’s something I’m planning to fix.

For the moment, spaces are matched as a literal space, rather than beginning a second filtering step as is done in 1.x. I liked that part of the 1.x quick panel too.

Before Build Systems were implemented, I would look at build errors in a terminal, and then navigate to the corresponding file: I’ve been wanting Ctrl+P to accept line number suffixes for a while. The # searching came out of a desire for the incremental find panel to use fuzzy matching, and then it seemed to make sense to jam them both together with goto symbol :slight_smile:



For us, poor non english country citizens, some shortcuts available on US/UK keyboard are not possible.
This is the case for the new goto shortcuts on my Swiss keyboard:

{ "keys": "ctrl+shift+semicolon"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "goto", "text": ":"} },
{ "keys": "ctrl+semicolon"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "goto", "text": "#"} },

I have to press SHIFT to access semicolon, so these 2 shortcuts are impossible to trigger for me.
I know that I could customize them, but we really appreciate if you consider this issue when you defined new shortcuts. Now I don’t know if there some “simple” shortcut left, the actual list is pretty long.

And by the way, great work with ST X, the new goto panel is terrific.



great work! ctrl + p is awesome. Thank you. What do you think about implementing code folding? It will be good for long files.



ctrl+p is amazing! One quick issue, it seems to crash Sublime if there are no open buffers



Also show/hide output panel menu item is missing.



Oh man, I really, really like the new quick panel.

Open bugs that I’m still experiencing (Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit):

  • Pasting text into an empty buffer segfaults the editor.
  • Closing a file, and then closing a second file while the tabs are still animating segfaults the editor.