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Hey folks!

I am budRich and I have a YouTube channel called budlabs. I have been uploading videos to it regularly for about a year now, mostly to the playlist Let’s Linux. In more or less all my videos I use Sublime Text, and I have wanted to make videos specifically about Sublime Text usage for a long time. But have hesitated to do so, since it is sensitive to promote non FLOSS software in the community that my target audience belongs to.

But about a month ago,

I started a new playlist: Sublime Text.

And I have many more Sublime videos planned.

So if anyone have any questions, requests or comments about my Sublime Videos, you can post them either here or as comments on the youtube.

I also thought this thread could be a place to collect other Sublime Videos.



it would be nice if you could review popular packages

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Good idea. I could also give a few recommendations for useful but not as popular packages and they could be grouped into categories. I haven’t actually watched any of your videos, however.
(almost all packages are FLOSS btw :wink:)



I have done some videos about packages that I use a lot, but I don’t care if they are popular or not, and think it’s better to highlight those packages that are not that well known. Or show obscure features of well known ones.

Packages I have dedicated videos to:
Sublime Tutor

And I have more recorded not yet released, where i highlight DA UI, Zen Tabs, MoveTab and Horizontal Scroll, ChainOfCOmmands and Sublime Linter.

And ofc my own package SimpleSyntax

It’s been really fun making these videos, and I have learned a lot about how sublime works while preparing and researching for the videos.

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I just finished binge watching:

@OdatNurd s amazing Sublime Text Plugin playlist

where he builds a package from scratch. Great stuff, i learned a lot.



Glad you enjoyed it! I have another series I’m working on which should start (hopefully) next week that’s all about building a custom build system. That one won’t be live though, so the videos will be more length appropriate. :wink:



wow, love your chanel! so interesting to watch the videos you create. btw what video editor/screen recorder do you use?



He describes the setup in this video:

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If you have a full-fledged video editor with a wide range of functions, then you can insert and edit text with any effect. I have used various packs of text effects in video editor online, and they are very cool. I especially like the speed of work in this editor and its optimization for different devices. I started editing my videos using Movavi software several times faster, and now I don’t need a personal editor.