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Sublime text v3.2.1 issues with running multiple Python scripts


I was able to run multiple heavy duty Python scripts at the same time before with earlier Sublime text version. But after updating to v3.2.1, it can no longer handle that. Is it because of setting configuration or v3.2.1 is unstable for my needs? Any suggestions?

Edits to provide more detail (in response to wbond):

  1. I believe it is using build system. I open multiple Sublime text windows, and click F7 to run on each of them.
  2. Handling large amount of data in Pandas dataframe, multiple dataframes each with tens to hundreds of thousands of rows and 20-40 columns. My computer is built to be powerful enough to handle them. And I know it can handle since I run one script on Sublime and another on Spyder and they could run at the same time to completion. But when I run them both on Sublime, the screen will be whitened and one of the scripts will stop executing. I checked my Task manager, the CPU and RAM are around 20-55% range so the issue is not my computer’s capacity.
  3. Exact runtime error = ‘OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument’
  4. Windows 10 64-bit.


Can you provide more details?

  1. How you are running the scripts? Build system, plugin, etc?
  2. What does heavy duty mean? Lots of CPU, disk, memory, GPU?
  3. What does “no longer handle” mean?
  4. What platform are you running Sublime Text on?

With this info, it will be easier to determine if there is an issue.



Thanks, I added detail in my OP.



So a portable build using Sublime Text 3176 does not exhibit this behavior?



Sublime Text’s build systems are only meant to execute one build (so one script here) at a time. At a certain point in time, the previously launched processes are terminated.



Every window should have it’s own exec command instance so I would think that in theory as long as you’re running one build in each window (as the OP seemed to indicate) that would work OK; I’ve never tried it personally though.



Your Sublime license is valid for all Sublime Text 3 versions across all platforms, which includes the portable version.



thank you so much for sharing this post, thats just what i wanted to know