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Sublime text regularly crashing with `trap int3 ip:7faa3d4accef sp:7fff74aef0a0 error:0 in[7faa3d46d000+8f000]`


Help -> About Sublime Text reports I’m using version: Stable Channel, Build 4143. I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.2, using an AMD GPU. I keep the system relatively up to date so things like graphics drivers are near their latest versions if not the latest versions.

Sublime Text has been crashing on me regularly, meaning 6+ times per day if I use it all day. By “crash” I mean the user interface disappears and no Sublime Text processes are left running. I see errors like this in the kernel log around the time of each crash:

[1298027.903443] traps: sublime_text[1601827] trap int3 ip:7faa3d4accef sp:7fff74aef0a0 error:0 in[7faa3d46d000+8f000]  
[1298056.598911] traps: sublime_text[1603566] trap int3 ip:7ff6812c5cef sp:7fffe1518400 error:0 in[7ff681286000+8f000]

I can reliably generate a crash if I start Sublime Text and immediately start folding code blocks. If I wait a few minutes before starting to use ST after a restart, crashes are much less common but do still happen. In regular usage I haven’t noticed much of a pattern to when it crashes. Last time I was scrolling. It will sometimes run for hours at a time, then crash seemingly out of nowhere.

I suspect something about the AMD GPU might be to blame, because I recently upgraded from an Nvidia GPU. I hadn’t encountered any problems while using Sublime Text with the Nvidia GPU; the problems started after the GPU change.

I once saw

[ 1366.578602] traps: sublime_text[185060] general protection fault ip:94cabe sp:7ffc52fa96a0 error:0 in sublime_text[4e4000+5a2000]

reported after a crash as well.

Does anyone have ideas about what I can do to stop this crashing? I’m happy to supply more information if it helps. Thanks!



Does the latest Dev build 4148 also crash for you?



@bschaaf : I’ve installed the dev release 4148 and am using it now. I’ll report back once I’ve been using it a few hours.

One thing I can say right away is that I went through some actions, like folding code, right after I launched 4148, and it did not crash. Build 4143 would crash every time I performed those same actions. So far, this build does look better in terms of whatever was causing my problem.



OK, after using Sublime Text dev build 4148 for the better part of the day to this point, I can say that the crashes still occur but they are much less frequent. I’ve had two crashes so far, where with build 4123 I’d have had twice as many or more by now. When I restart Sublime Text 4148 I can dive back in: code folding and scrolling don’t immediately cause a crash the way they did in build 4123.

Another noteworthy change is that I no longer see error messages in the kernel log when Sublime Text crashes.

So the situation is better, but there’s clearly still some sort of problem.